Is Taste of The Wild Dog Food Made in China?

The pet food company Taste of The Wild is under fire for allegedly using ingredients from China in their products. Some of these ingredients have been linked to health risks, including lead poisoning and cancer. Is Taste of The Wild dog food made in China? There is no clear answer, but the company's use of Chinese ingredients raises some serious concerns.

Is Taste of The Wild Dog Food Made in China? #

There is a lot of concern about Taste of the Wild dog food lately, as some people are worried that it might be made in China. The company has not confirmed or denied whether this is the case, but some sleuthing on social media seems to suggest that at least some of the ingredients in the food may come from there.

There are a few potential issues with sourcing ingredients from China. The first is that there have been several cases of toxic dog food being imported from the country in recent years. This means that there is no guarantee that the ingredients in Taste of the Wild are safe for dogs to eat.

Another issue with sourcing ingredients from China is the fact that many Chinese manufacturers do not adhere to Western safety and quality standards. This means that the ingredients they produce could potentially be contaminated or low-quality.

In conclusion, it is difficult to determine where Taste of the Wild dog food is made. The company's website does not list a country of origin, and the only mention of China is in regards to one ingredient supplier. However, the ingredients in the food are all sourced from reputable companies, so it is likely that the food is made in a safe and quality-controlled facility. If you are concerned about where your dog's food is made, consult the company's website or contact customer service.


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