Is Tech A Good Career?

Yes, I did cover if tech sales in a good career to go into here. This article is geared at the wider picture of the tech industry. If sales is the net, tech is the pitch.

The wider scope of the tech industry is an interesting topic conversation as it holds many different opportunities that you can make an incredible career out of.

This article will dive into: Opportunities in Tech, Future of Tech, Why Tech is a good career. So, let's go:

Opportunities in Tech #

1. Data Scientist #

Are you an analytical individual? Do you thrive with numbers? Being a data scientist is not for the faint hearted. It will require a lot of work to get up to speed but as far as salary goes, you will score big and likely continue to score big as the years go on.

Data scientists gather and analyse large sets of structured and unstructured data. A data scientists role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics.


2. Software Developer #

Did someone say code? If you know how to code, the sky is the limit. If you do not know how to code (yet) then... what are you waiting for! The demand for software developers are higher than ever and the information to teach yourself is all out there for you. Here is a video of an individual who taught himself how to code with the free Harvard courses that are online. Nothing is stopping you, apart from yourself.

3. Tech Sales #

I covered the tech sales role in a separate article but felt it was necessary to repeat over here. The reason why I am a big fan of a sales role is: you are close to the money. And when you are close to the money, you usually are given a bigger slice of the cake through the form of commissions. Therefore, taking a role in Tech which is an ever growing industry in the sales field will allow you to potentially earn a high salary for years to come.

Future of Tech #

I find it funny when we look far into the distant future of the tech industry.

The reason for this humour is because there is no telling whether or not we will be in a constant state of virtual reality or the advancement of technological machinery actually allows us to spend time being humans and robots do the heavy lifting for us.

Regardless of the outcome, the future of tech is bright and it is showing no signs of slowing down in the distant future.

It would make sense to begin your career in tech sooner rather than later as with the number of tech start up companies, you could definitely secure an extremely lucrative position while the companies grows along with the tech industry.

Why Tech is a Good Career #

There is certainly room to debate what the best career is to earn as much money as possible.

I would assume that there are more factors along with income that decide what you want from your career.

Seeing as you spend the majority of your life working, it is sensible to work in something that you have a degree of interest in.

As a whole, it is hard to fault the tech industry from a career perspective. There is a huge amount of wealth being invested in the tech industry and the demand of jobs at the moment is exceeding the supply available.

You should aspire to become the best in your career endeavours so even if you may not be previously familiar with the tech industry, don't let that phase you.

Be open minded and work hard because tech can be an extremely rewarding career if you put in the hard work.

There you go, is tech a good career? Yes, tech is certainly a good career. However, as with any career, you need to apply yourself and put in the effort to impress those you work for and then you will work your way through the ranks.

Strike the balance between financial reward with intrigue and curiosity. Nowadays, the resources are all out there online, for free, so if becoming a software developer interests you for example, go take part in the Harvard course material and start the journey. Till next time.


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