Is Temptations Dinnerware Made in China?

Temptations Dinnerware is made in China, which has raised some concerns among consumers. Some believe that the cheap materials used to make the products are a potential health risk. Others worry about the potential impact of China's low wages on American workers. Still others are concerned about the possible environmental impact of producing products in China.

Is Temptations Dinnerware Made in China? #

Is Temptations Dinnerware Made in China?
The dinnerware line by Temptations is a popular one. It is often difficult to determine where a product is made, but especially with dinnerware sets. The plates, cups, and other pieces in the set may all be made in different places.  So, it's natural to wonder: is Temptations dinnerware made in China?
The answer to that question is… it depends. Some of the pieces in the set may be made in China, while others may not be. It really varies from set to set which country produced each piece.
However, one thing is for sure: if you're looking for dinnerware that's 100% made in America, Temptations isn't your best option.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say definitively whether or not Temptations dinnerware is made in China. However, the evidence suggests that it is likely made in China, given the company's history of manufacturing products there. If you are looking for dinnerware that is made in the USA, there are many other options available.


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