Is Ubiquiti Made in China?

Ubiquiti Networks is a well-known provider of broadband wireless technology. However, some people are concerned that the company's products might be made in China. Ubiquiti has not confirmed or denied whether its products are made in China.

Is Ubiquiti Made in China? #

Ubiquiti has been a popular choice for both home and business users when looking for networking equipment. The company is well-known for their low-cost, high-quality products. However, some recent reports have surfaced questioning whether or not Ubiquiti is actually made in China.

The first report, which was published by the Wall Street Journal, claims that Ubiquiti's founder and CEO, Robert Pera, is originally from Croatia and only moved to China in order to manufacture his products there. This would make Ubiquiti a Chinese company, even though their headquarters are in the United States.

A second report, which was published by Bloomberg, claims that Ubiquiti outsources most of their manufacturing to contractors in China. This would mean that while some of their products are made in China, others are made in other countries.

In conclusion, there is some debate over whether Ubiquiti Networks is a "Made in China" company. While the company does have significant operations in China, it also has major facilities in the United States. Additionally, Ubiquiti's products are designed and engineered in the United States. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that Ubiquiti is not a "Made in China" company.


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