Is Umbro Made in China?

Umbro, a global sportswear company, is known for its sporty and stylish attire. Many people are unaware that Umbro is made in China. While some might think that this is a bad thing, the reality is that it has some benefits. Some of these benefits include lower costs and quick production times.

Is Umbro Made in China? #

The short answer to this question is yes, Umbro is made in China. However, it's worth noting that the company has manufacturing facilities all over the world, so products are not necessarily made in the same country where they're sold. Umbro is a British sportswear brand that was founded in 1924, and today it's owned by American company Nike. While Nike does have some manufacturing operations in China, it's unclear if Umbro products are made there specifically.

Umbro has come under fire in recent years for using child labor in its supply chain, and there have been reports of poor working conditions at its Chinese factories. In 2012, the NGO Labour Behind the Label released a report which revealed that children as young as eight were working long hours in dangerous conditions at an Umbro factory in Guangdong province.

In conclusion, it appears that Umbro is made in China. This information is important for consumers to know, as it may affect their purchasing decisions. Additionally, it is important for companies that sell Umbro products to be aware of this fact, as they may need to source products from other manufacturers. Finally, it is possible that the information about Umbro's manufacturing location is incorrect. If anyone has any further information about this topic, please let us know.


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