Is Wyze Made in China?

The Wyze camera is a top-of-the-line, indoor security camera that is marketed to be "made in China." Is Wyze really made in China? The company's website says that the camera is "produced in Shenzhen, one of China’s leading technology hubs." However, a review on states that the camera is not made in China. Instead, it is made in Vietnam.

Is Wyze Made in China? #

When Wyze announced their new Cameo camera, some people were quick to wonder if the company had outsourced manufacturing to China. This suspicion was fueled by the fact that the Cameo looks strikingly similar to the popular Yi Home Camera, which is known for being made in China.

However, Wyze has since confirmed that their new camera is, in fact, made in the United States. The Cameo may share some design similarities with the Yi Home Camera, but it was designed in-house by Wyze's team of engineers.

So why did Wyze choose to release a copycat product? It's possible that they were trying to capitalize on Yi's success, or that they simply wanted to offer an affordable alternative to the Yi Home Camera. But whatever their reasons may be, it's clear that the Cameo was not made in China.

In conclusion, Wyze is a company that is based in the United States, but it is unclear if all of their products are made in China. While their products are affordable and seem to work well, consumers should be aware of the potential for quality control issues when purchasing products from companies that have manufacturing facilities located in China. Wyze has been responsive to customer complaints in the past, and they appear to have a good customer service department.


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