Is Xbox Made in China?

Are Xboxes Made in China? Yes. In fact, the Xbox is manufactured by three companies: Flextronics, Witron, and Celestica. All three of these companies have manufacturing facilities in the Pearl River Delta region of Southern China. The question remains, however, whether the Xbox is really manufactured in China. We will try to answer this question in this article. You may be surprised by the answers we find.

Xbox 360s #

Microsoft and IBM started production of the Xbox 360 processor early in July. This production grew throughout the summer, and Xbox 360s are now being shipped to China from factories in Taiwan, Japan, and Lacrosse, Wis. Xbox 360s are made in China by more than 250 suppliers, including PC manufacturers, graphics chipmakers, and plastic and hard-drive makers. These parts are packed into trucks and trains and shipped to retailers, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Best Buy Co.

Xbox One #

Xbox One is being sold in China at a lower price than in the United States. It will cost 4,299 yuan (about $500) to purchase an Xbox One in China. Hardware prices vary by exchange rate, market conditions, and tax rates. Games are cheaper in China. Before the launch, the Chinese government banned the sale of foreign-made game consoles. The ban was lifted last year, but Microsoft is now having a tough time carving a niche in the Chinese gaming market.

PS4 #

The PlayStation 4 is now being produced in China. This is a big deal for Sony, as the country has one of the largest gamer markets in the world. Previously, China banned gaming consoles and wanted its youth to concentrate on more productive activities. The ban was later lifted, but not before black markets sprung up that spread gaming tech around the country. This was good news for Sony, because they can now sell PlayStation products in China for less.

Wii U #

While the Wii U is manufactured in a Chinese factory, the company behind it has been accused of using child labor. The company, Foxconn, admitted to using young workers to fill a shortfall in regular staff. The Chinese law sets the legal working age at sixteen. The investigation found that the children worked for three weeks and were given extra school credit in exchange for the labor. Nintendo is investigating the matter. But how can it be sure?

Some Xbox controllers #

If you want an Xbox controller that has an authentic military look, consider getting the Halo 5 controller. The Halo 5 controller is inspired by the Spartan Locke game with its grippy black thumbsticks and gold trigger. The controller is weighty and has a metallic finish that replicates gunmetal plating. The Xbox controller can be customized too! Several colors are available. This controller comes with a variety of different grippy triggers for different game modes.

PlayStation 5 #

It's no secret that PlayStation 5 is being manufactured in China. China has a strict censorship policy on games, which is one reason why the price of imported versions is more than double the recommended retail price. In addition, the censorship process imposes restrictions on which titles are released, which means that certain titles may never see the light of day in the country. Sony is releasing three games in China for the PS5, including Genshin Impact and Sackboy. The Chinese company is also working on Lost Soul Aside, bringing a popular RPG title to the PS5.

BesTV's plan to launch Xbox One in China #

The Chinese government recently lifted its ban on foreign-made video game consoles. That means that Microsoft will soon begin selling its Xbox One in China. The video game console will retail for less than $300 RMB (roughly $56) in China. That's lower than the $60 price tag for comparable new games in most other countries. Still, that price will be a significant barrier for some gamers. BesTV's plan to launch Xbox One in China is an interesting move by Microsoft and its media partner.


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