Is Yaesu Made in China?

Yaesu makes radios and other electronics products in China. This has raised concerns among some consumers and amateur radio enthusiasts who worry about the quality of Yaesu's products. There is no evidence that the quality of Yaesu's products has decreased as a result of making them in China, but nevertheless the issue is worth discussing.

Is Yaesu Made in China? #

Is Yaesu Made in China?
From the outside, it may look like all of the radios on the market are from one country. However, there is a wide variety of radio brands, and where they are made can be surprising. For example, Yaesu radios are made in Japan. This brand is known for its high-quality products and features that are not available on other radios.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say whether or not Yaesu products are made in China. Some evidence points to the fact that they may be, while other evidence suggests that their products may be made elsewhere. However, given the company's lack of transparency on the matter, it is difficult to say for certain. Ultimately, consumers should do their own research before making a purchase.


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