Using an iPad as a Laptop for 6 months.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just have a small tablet that can cover all the bases that a laptop does? Well, iPad’s seem to be able to do most things a laptop can, just in a slightly different manor.

The reason I underwent this 6 month experiment was because Apple launch their back to school promotion in the summer and I wanted to receive free Airpods with my macbook purchase.

Prior to this experiment I used an 11 inch Macbook Air from early 2015. I sold this and used my dad’s iPad which was the standard model.

First Week.

The first week was not bad at all. As with new pieces of technology, the first week of using our new toys are the most exciting.

I purchased a bluetooth keyboard so I was able to work as normal and the ability to have two applications open via split screen made it feel like I was still somewhat using a laptop.

3 months in.

Half way through, I had mixed emotions towards the iPad.

I managed to create and deliver presentations perfectly fine, however this lack of freedom to save documents with ease and edit content did feel debilitating at times.

5 months in.

This was the moment where everything became clear. I missed being able to have my own companion. My own machine that can handle the big boy tasks such as video editing. Some apps on the iPad had a terrible user face and would be a pain to navigate.

The biggest thing I missed was a trackpad. In fact, I purchased an Apple Magic Mouse 2 to see if this would fill this void but it did not. Though the iPad did still function fine, my thoughts began to shift towards wanting a laptop back.

Based on previous Back to School promotions, I had roughly three months left to go. In truth, I do think I could have held on however some things began to dawn upon me.

Who is really winning here?

Yes, if I waited for the promotion then I take AirPods off Apple for free but the time spent without a laptop to work, edit and make an income, means that the potential loss of time laptopless outweighs the price of Airpods.

Who needs AirPods anyway?

I am not a big music consumer.

For the podcasts I listen to, whether I use AirPods or the basic wired earphones Apple provide makes little difference to me. So holding on for this glorious moment some free gear is frankly not necessary.

6 Months In — My Final Decision.

I decided to throw in the towel after 6 months and buy the M1 Macbook Air. I keep finding myself trying to touch the screen of the laptop to try edit things as I have been so used to using an iPad for these past six months.

Overall, I believe this experiment has made me more grateful for laptops. Even though iPads can accommodate for a variety of things you use a laptop for, they do not have the same feeling a laptop gives you.

A laptop is like having a spare tyre in your car and the iPad is just a spanner. It can fix some of the problems but when your tyre burst… you just need a new tyre.


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