Life Changing Quotes in English

Your Only A Prisoner Of Your Own Mind

Set yourself free.

“You can do it, keep going!”

You probably hear these words as you are about to quit. Maybe you are in a running race. Or half way up a rock climbing wall. Or trying to down a beer.

Whatever the situation, there are times where we throw in the towel.


Can we not handle the heat? Are our bodies not equipped to survive? Or are we mentally weak? Giving up well before we are really max’d out.

The truth.
It’s all in the mind. I’m not the first person to tell you this. We hear it all the time. It’s a mental game. Everything is a mental game. It’s all in the damn mind. Say you can do it, and you can. Say you can’t do it, and you can’t. It really is that simple.

Our self talk defines our self worth. If you bring yourself down. Doubt yourself. Put limitations on what you can do. Then you will not be the person you should be and the person you deserve to be.

Be free.

You are a prisoner of your own mind. Let yourself go. Have faith in your ability. Whether you can do something or not, tell yourself you can. Delude yourself to try new things. Of course, common sense factors into all this but have confidence in yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect others to have confidence in you?

Take Action In Silence.

Keep em’ guessing.

Back in the day we never had social media. We didn’t tell our friends our every move. Now? It's the f*cking norm. Share everything. Post everything.

We must know all the details of everybody's lives.

In a world filled with so much outside noise, take action in silence.

The reason.
Listen, we want everybody to talk about us. You see those in the spotlight usually go out of their way to stay in the spotlight. It’s normal. We want to be the best. We want people to talk about us and tell us how great we are.

Heres the thing.

Most people don’t want you to succeed on your journeys. They will do what they can to talk you down. Make you think you are taking things too seriously. And it can impact you. It can make you overthink what you were previously crystal clear on before you decided to share it with others.

The majority of them do not have bad intentions. They are just not moving at the speed that you are and subconsciously, they want to slow you down. When you have friends who try speed you up and encourage you? Hold onto them. Those friends, are special.

The solution.
Take action in silence. Keep yourself to yourself. Do your thing behind the scenes. The rest can wait for the red carpet premiere. You are the producer, director and star actor. Make it happen for you. Not for them. Don’t let them dictate what film you make for yourself.

If you want input from people you value and trust, ask them. But don’t feel inclined to share every step of the journey with everyone. Chances are it won’t serve you.

Sure, we complain that social media only shows the end product but if it showed the process, it would probably be teared down to stop the success from blossoming.

Take action in silence.

Do not label yourself.

Let it be.

We like to put people in boxes.

Ever heard of the vegan who only eats meat? Of course you didn’t because if there was one, he’d be labelled a carnivore. Duh.

The problem.
Listen, if you want to do something and it aligns with a label, there is nothing wrong with it. But if you then surrender to other components attached to this label that do not align with your values and succumb due to associating yourself with this label, you should step back and reconsider it all.

It’s so easy to get caught up in these labels and doing everything we can to become a prime leader within them. It can force us into doing things we had no desire or intention in doing just to ‘fit in’ with the other people associated with the label itself, becoming something of a cult.

The solution.
Fck labels. Seriously. Fck them. Do what you want. Be who you want. If it falls into a label, don’t associate yourself with it. If you like eating plants, eat plants. If you like eating meat occasionally, eat meat.

Just live your life and don’t get so caught up in fitting into these boxes that society love to put us into. It just causes division.

Right Way vs. Wrong Way.

Which way for a successful journey.

Every one of us are on a journey of our own. The journey starts when we are born and ends when we are dead. What happens between being born and being dead is unique to each of us. Some go on to live meaningful lives with ones they love. While others go on to live miserable lives with ones they hate.

Throughout our journeys, we are presented with many different scenarios. In every scenario, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing things. The part that gets missed out is the fact that we tend to always know what the right thing is. It is just whether or not we muster the strength to go and do it.

The right way.
Doing the right thing usually involves enduring mental, physical and emotional pain. If it was always easy to choose the right way then nobody would experience lives they don’t enjoy. But at some point in their journey, they decided to choose the wrong way because they feared the pain associated with going in the other direction.

We like to cling onto things. Both materialistic things and people. People play a huge role in our decisions. We have family and friends who want what’s best for themselves. It is a skewed perception to think other people want what’s best for you. The truth is, everybody has their own wellbeing at heart.

Few people in this world put others ahead of themselves. Those who do, are special people. They make our journeys a lot easier than others. Or do they? It is when you have a selfless person in your life that you actually find it harder to sacrifice being around them. So when that scenario presents itself to you and the right thing is to move abroad and take that dream job, the selfless person makes it tougher than it would have otherwise been.

The wrong way.
Choosing the wrong way is easier which is why so many of us do it. It allows for us to remain comfortable and avoid growing as an individual. It lacks life’s bigger picture. See, we get clouded rather easily during our day to day lives that we forget at one point, we die. When we are reminded there is an end to our journey’s, most of us are haunted by the thought of death and avoid the topic at all costs.

The end of journey is what makes the journey itself so rewarding. There would be little fulfilment if we knew that our time on this earth was never going to end. However, knowing that sooner or later, our time is going to be up, gives us that kick up the backside to make those tough decisions and live a life we are proud of.

But, this is easier said than done and the prime reason why so many of us avoid thinking about death and get on with our boring lives in the hopes that something presents itself to us instead of us going out to get it on our terms.

Laugh more.

Even when things aren’t funny.

Remember when someone cracks a joke and you laugh hysterically because the joke isn’t funny at all? Or when you laugh, but the other person didn't realise they were being funny so they laugh reacting to your laugh and it causes you to laugh even more?

In today’s world, all we hear about is the terrible things that are going on in our society. Laughing hysterically is becoming harder and harder to achieve on a regular basis. On a physiological level, when we laugh, we feel free. Remember the last time you laughed hysterically? Well, if it's been too long, let’s remind ourselves of ways we can laugh.

Nowadays, a hysterical laughter is at our finger tips thanks to the volume of videos online to tackle this exact problem. Type in “try not to laugh” on YouTube and your screen will be filled with different videos from different channels all with one goal in mind: make you laugh your pants off.

Three word game.
A simple game that never fails to get a good laugh out of us. Get at-least one other person whether it is in person or online and you create a story from feeding off each-others previous three words. What starts off as “once upon a” usually ends in a very different direction with some heavy laughter along the way.

Listen. Not all of us are professional break dancers. Not all of us have the moves like jagger. But we can all groove in our own way. For some, it takes having one too many to drink before they start busting our their own moves. But if we slap on some music we would only listen to when we are drunk and crank out some moves that are bound to look funny, it will likely warrant a laugh from ourselves. If you have someone you can do this with, you will feed off each-others energy and get a great kick out of it in the process.

Stay true to who you are.

Sure. You will encounter people from all walks of life who all hold different views but if you don’t know who you are in the first place then you will always be subjected to acts that are simply, not you. You may think they are in the moment, but only once you know who you are do you see in hindsight that you were just desperate to feel part of something. So, let’s first tackle how we can understand who we are.

Go into the trenches.

Metaphorically speaking. Only when we silence the outside noise are we able to tune into ourselves. Go inside to figure out who you are, what you stand for and what life you want to live. It does not mean you have to shut yourself off from the world for a crazy amount of time. It could involve not going on any technology in the mornings while you sit outside and look sharply into the distance. Whatever gives you that mental bliss and allows you to see things in a clearer light is what you should move towards and then see what follows when you do.

Be Brave.

Once you know who you are, you will be faced with challenges. Some friends may no longer be who you wish to spend time with. This is perfectly fine. You should not try to fight who you believe you are to satisfy others. We are all unique individuals with different genes, upbringings and environments that can all impact how we see the world and the life we want to live within it. Once you are aware of what those answers are, act on it. Be brave. Understand that some people may not align with your views but staying true to them is what will give you lifelong fulfilment. This does not mean your views can never change. Being radically open minded is one of the best traits you can possess in life. Seeing as things are changing at such a rapid rate in the world, not being fixated on one idea or belief will allow you to evolve and grow instead of stay still and stagnate.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

When you are truly you. Acting on what you want to do and what you want to achieve. The right people will come into your life and join you on your journey. A big misunderstanding we have is thinking friends that come into our lives must stay there forever. No. This is not the case. Some friends will enter your life, be the most amazing people, be there for you then life happens and you they slowly fade away. Don’t fight this. Instead, just keep being you and the right people will be in your life. Some may be there temporarily and some may be there for the whole ride. Don’t fight it. Let it be.

More Money, More Problems?

There’s two sides to the coin.

Look, we live in a world we money is the holy grail. You get the money, you get the material items so many dream of owning. But those at the top know that these material items cannot buy you happiness. They cannot solve your mental health problems. They provide a short burst of endorphins but the stress soon returns when you feel empty inside.

The idea of having more problems as a result of having more money is a fascinating topic to discuss. After all, there are some things money can’t buy.

This is a two edged sword because the person who has all the money in the world would have the freedom to go where they want, when they want with who they want. However, the person without money in many ways, also has the freedom to do what they want and in some cases, where they want. An example would be someone who earns enough money online writing so they can fund travelling around the world while experiencing different cultures (me in the future, fingers crossed).

Perhaps you can count on one hand how many true friends you have in your life. When the money comes in, it is fair to assume that there will be a queue of people wanting to become friends with you. Consequently, this will have a huge impact on who you can really trust in life. Who is there for you and who is there for your money. It becomes a slippery slope and building those friendships before you take off will definitely reduce the need for letting in those who give you that feeling of fake energy.

Well. When you have the money, you are likely going to be expected to do more for others. This is not to say you shouldn’t do more for others regardless of your financial position, but it is not crazy to assume that the weight put on your shoulders will likely increase based on the financial power you would have. Maybe you will be faced with decisions you don’t agree with but rejecting the idea will upset others and give you a bad reputation.

Contrast this with the online income from writing while travelling the world, you have the ability to help others, remaining under the radar. You can do your part without being expected to do so. You can devote time and energy in your day to helping others and have nobody know you did.

Be Ready To Succeed.

When the shot comes, don’t miss.

Maybe you are still a dreamer. Envisioning the perfect life you could live. Or. Maybe you are an action taker. Slowly doing the work day after day and getting closer to where you want to be. What if you get your shot tomorrow? Would you be ready to take it? So many of us are busy making grand plans for our lives but if our chance came in the next 24 hours, we would miss it.

Here’s how to be ready to take your shot at any moment.

Let go of your stuff.
First off, you have too much stuff. You have things that serve you no value in your life and are simply holding you back. Dream job on the other side of the world? Shame you have all this garbage to look after. Six jumpers? Nine t-shirts? Come on now. Have what you need. Not what you want. Then when the time comes, you don’t have to spend anymore time letting things go that you don’t need.

Impatiently, Patient.
You read that right. Have urgency in your life where you are pushing hard to make things happen but simultaneously, be patient. You must be aware that your shot may come tomorrow or months from now, but don’t throw in the towel because it's taking too long. It is vital to avoid missing out on what could have been.

Have faith.
Release the need for constant control. Do your part and let the Divine take care of the rest. If you just put one foot in-front of the other everyday and continue to get closer to your goal, it will happen. It becomes a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. Understand that the success may come all at once or in short bursts. Just have faith that it will happen, and it will.

Grab Life By The Balls.

Stop waiting, start living.

“Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it.” George Jung

Look, time is running out. As each day passes by, you are letting your shot at life slowly fade away.

You have all these big dreams. All these incredible things you want for your life. But what are you doing about it? Are you putting in the work everyday? No. You are just envisioning this ideal life but forgetting the work involved in order to achieve it.

Stop waiting. Read these four simple steps, implement them today and watch your life change completely.

You have heard it before. Failing to plan is planning to fail. You have to create a roadmap of where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Sure, things change. But having a plan is vital to make sure you are somewhat heading towards the final destination you have created for yourself.

Take. F*cking. Action. Don’t just plan out what you're going to do then forget about it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Start executing on the plan everyday. You have a full time job? Work around it. Work in your spare time. Make short term sacrifice for long term success. Do the hard work now so you can relax later on in life. It’s that simple.

Been putting in the work for a couple weeks or months? Amazing! Stop for a moment and look back on what you have done. Maybe you are proud of yourself. Maybe you are disappointed with your effort. It is only in these moments of reflection can we see the whole picture. We cannot reflect in the present moment.

Listen. You might reflect back on your execution and be super proud of yourself which is great. But regardless of how much work you have put in, push the bar higher. Raise the boundaries. Set new limits. Become the best version of yourself. Remember, we only have life to live. Make it count.

Well my friend, there you have it. Four simple steps that will change your life. Nothing fancy but sure, I could repackage it up and flip it as a $299 online course like the rest of those pathetic fake gurus. This is all you need. This formula is it. Use it and change your life.

Don’t Complicate The Uncomplicated.

Keep it simple.

Sure, you may feel like you're stuck in cement right now. You want to make infinite amounts of money while you get your feet massaged on your private yacht. I feel you. But, in all the countless opportunities out there that will grant you that wish, you are probably complicating the uncomplicated.

Confused? Let me explain.

Cash. Since the introduction of the online world, there are now more ways than ever to create a stable income from anywhere in the world, so long as you are connected to the internet. Quite remarkable. But with all these different ways to earn money online, we can easily get lost in the way to go about it. See, there are some people who earn tons of money on one platform and will scream from the rooftops that it is the best option to go down. Yet there will always be another person who earns the same amount of money on a different platform, who’s screaming just as loud telling you to use their approach.

Ultimately, any platform, any method, any approach will likely end up with some form of repeat income. What you need to do is decide. Deciding doesn’t mean you can’t do other things too. But if you are going to ride the wave of Medium and want to create an income from it, you need to hang on for the bumpy journey. You won’t make any money at the start. Just like with most side hustles. The start is always tough and knocks most people down. But those who don’t stop driving are the ones who end up at the hotel for afternoon tea. Don’t expect the scones to be delivered to you. You need to go collect the scones.

Listen, it really is not complicated to make money online. You just need to decide what avenue best suits you and the lifestyle you want, then start riding that wave. When you ride that wave everyday and don’t get off your surfboard, you will go surfing at some point. So hang in there my friend.

It's never too late to succeed.

Keep going.

Nowadays, if you hear about anything that could make you money, you have been met with countless people doing videos about it online, countless people with courses about it online, and countless people trying to replicate their success of it, online.

There is no denying that wherever you go, things are looking pretty damn saturated at the moment. Does this mean you don’t go for it? Just give up because it’ll be hard? Give up because other people are taking up all the space?

Hell. F*cking. No.

Let’s re-cap the three things needed for any degree of success.

Hard work.
You aren’t getting around it. Put in the work, every day. Listen, a lot of people are trying to get you to waste money out there on their special tips and tricks. What they conveniently don’t tell you is the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is if you put in the work. If it were easy, everybody would have done it already. Remember that.

Sure, we all have visions of our dreams life. Most of don’t ever take the first step. The small number of who us do, tend to work for a bit then stop. Then assume that when we feel like picking things back up, it will be exactly where we left off. Unfortunately, no. You need to be consistent. You need to keep that momentum going. See, it’s much easier to break an existing habit than to create a new habit. When you have something going, keep it up. It’s a matter of time before it all pays off.

Like I just said, it takes time. Probably not what you wanted to hear but it does. All great things in life take time. It sure makes the reward that much sweeter. Don’t expect the success to come overnight. With the age of social media, it might. But don’t have expectations of when it’ll happen. Just do the hard work and be consistent then the success becomes a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.

Savour Life.

It goes by too fast.

You work so hard for years and years. Yet how often do you take the time to savour life? To appreciate what you have and what you’ve built. We get so caught in this never-ending quest for more that we fail to take in what we have right in front of us.

If you haven’t taken a step back recently, here’s a gentle reminder of ways that can help go about it.

Gratitude Journal.
Being grateful is the most powerful tool we all possess. We always have the choice to view our glass as half full instead of half empty. In a world where we are constantly marketed the things we don’t have, being able to step back and be grateful for all that we do have allows us to gain a much deeper love of life. Write down one thing you are grateful for each night before you go to sleep. You will have much better dreams that way.

Hot Bath.
Lie in a hot bath with epsom salts and reflect on your journey. You are bound to see the full picture. The good times and the bad times. You always make good decisions when you're in a warm bath. Things become clearer. The mind softens. So, when you're in a time of stress. Run yourself a nice, warm bath.

Walk In Nature.
Nothing makes you appreciate life more than a walk amongst the trees. Hundreds of years between them all. Each of them giving off this fresh, clean aroma. It really is something special. Just like the warm bath, walking in nature always gives you good decisions. You can think clearer. The mind is less clouded. So, when things get heated, take a walk in the forest.

Tough Decisions, Easy Life.

And Vice Versa.

There’s always going to be a different option. The path that we once thought was best may turn out to be a dead end. The path we once rejected may have lead to the beautiful rainbow.

Truth is, we don’t know what the right path is. We just have to make educated decisions on what we think will lead to that rainbow. Even if at times, we go closer towards the dead end.

Yes or no?
In our journey’s, we will be presented with scenarios. Scenarios where we can take the easy option, or the hard option. Sure, sometimes it’s a double hard option. But deep down, we tend to know which one is the right decision.

It connects with how we view life.

Do we view life as a constant search for human growth. Diving from one challenge to the next, always throwing ourselves outside of our comfort zone so when we reach old age, we have squeezed every last bit of personal growth and can focus on appreciating the life we have built while holding our grand-child in our arms.

Or. Do we view life as an important journey to remain as happy as possible. Avoiding discomfort and being grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Growing old thinking about what could have been but simultaneously perfectly content with what was.

The Answer.
Both are correct. Both make sense. Listen, there isn’t a right way or a wrong way to go about making decisions. What we usually view as tough decisions tend to be the decisions that lead to an easier life because those tough decisions involve sacrifice and seeing the bigger picture. But sometimes a decision we think is right in the moment can lead to undesired outcomes. Ultimately, we can only do what we think is best for us at the time and have faith that everything will work itself out.

Zoom Out To Zoom In.

See the bigger picture.

Do you often find yourself worrying about a minor issue? With so many major things going on in your life, you find yourself paying all your attention towards the micro problems?

Look, you're not alone. It happens to us all. Here is a great way to see the bigger picture.

Zoom Out.
When you catch yourself on that minor problem. Zoom out. Stop. Zoom out. Whether you get that call back or secure that deal, it’s fine. Don’t worry. Zoom out. Everything will be fine. It’s easy to constantly zoom in as life has many different scenarios it throws our way to try and solve.

When you catch yourself spending too much time and focus on a smaller scenario. Zoom out. See the bigger picture.

When Should We Zoom In?
Should we ever zoom in? Well, some situations may require us to get caught up in the details. Depending on the severity of the situation and possible implications from an undesired outcome, then sure, zoom in as close as you want. But we often catch ourselves zooming into situations where the image is already high definition. It’s already 1080p. You don’t need to zoom in any further.

Life’s Simple Pleasures.

What money will never buy.

Sure. You can work like a dog and scrunch together just enough money to purchase that dream car. But it’s value? Its value will depreciate the moment you set foot inside it. The rush of endorphins that purchase will give you will likely wear off within a few days, perhaps months at a push.

When we look back at our lives, we tend to remember the memories we create. We don’t care about the car. We care about the car that took us across the country while we stayed in multiple different hostiles and hiked across different viewpoints. The memories are what are priceless.

Let’s recap how to make the most of them.

Boom. A game of catch. Maybe you are on the beach watching the sunset or on the top of a mountain looking at the beautiful scenery. Stop for a moment. Take a deep breathe. That deep breathe will allow you to bask in the moment. Tuning into all five of your senses as you go into a state of gratitude. So, when you find yourself surrounded by an eye-catching view. Breathe.

Bad day? Great day? Smile. Smiling is a free tool we all possess that can literally change our mental state. If you are standing on that rock looking over the mountain, smile. Smile at the fact that it is not an everyday occurrence that you get to stand on rocks overlooking mountains. Smile because life is filled with surprises and we never know whats coming next. Smile because you can.

Life is a Series Of Moments.

Some beautiful. Some not so beautiful.

First, you are born. You probably don’t remember that. Or being breast fed. Or being a little kid that could hardly walk. But at a time in your life, you were a young kid finding their feet. It’s weird when we reflect back on our lives. We see how fast it goes. We see how time flies.

“If we knew how time worked, we’d never do anything in life”

Things come and things go. We grow. We evolve. Moments happen in our lives. Some define us and some just happen. We enjoy half of them and despise the other. But it’s all part of the parcel.

See, we usually fail to embrace the moments while they’re happening. Maybe you have that insanely woke friend who tells you to take it all in. Maybe you look around and smile. Only you fail to realise that these moments will never happen again.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything though. It means you should do everything! Go live. Create special moments. Embrace them. Take it all in. Because life really is just a series of moments. Moments that can be created by us and enjoyed by us. Some beautiful. Some not so beautiful. But moments are what matter. When you find yourself inside one. Understand its temporary nature and live it to the max.


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