Read This Before Buying The M1 MacBook Air.

Are you thinking about buying an M1 MacBook Air?

Perhaps you have seen the crazy benchmark stats online and are blown away thinking this machine is in a league of its own. Well, I am here to show you why it is but also in many ways, isn’t.

Let’s dive in.

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Off the bat, the thing is gorgeous.

A beautiful, slim laptop that aesthetically looks almost as pretty as a sunset in Hawaii. Having owned the M1 MacBook Pro, the air beats it with it’s slim appeal.

It’s like full fat milk competing against semi-skimmed. Size wise, at 13 inches, it delivers well. It is a nice size but we all know that when you are split screening, having another monitor is always a beautiful luxury worth investing in.


Here is where things become controversial.

Yes, the stats are there that this thing is a machine.

But browsing with a bucket full of tabs on safari and doing some work on pages, things can get a little slow. Now, you may be thinking if you are doing quite a few things at once then you would expect things to slow down a little, right? Well, from the things you see and hear around this new M1 chip, you would hope that the system would only slow down when it is being pounded.

Of course, the degree of poundage the laptop is receiving is subjective. Speaking from personal experience, from heavy internet browsing and pages usage, I was dissapointed from the decline in speed.

To build on this, when iMovie editing was taking place, things became like a tortoise which was even more dissapointing because a primary reason I opted for the M1 Air over the Pro was due to the seemingly similar capabilities involving editing.

Though it is clear now that any Pro machine will have that edge over an Air which will always explain the price difference.

Overall Thoughts.

Listen, from playing around on loads of different computers, the M1 chip certianly does many things well.

But from using both the M1 Pro and Air, I think you are better off spending that extra couple hundred bucks and having a guaranteed supreme performance in all aspects of your usage.


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