Best Meditation Alternative.

We constantly hear meditating being so beneficial. Did it ever cross your mind to think of why we meditate in the first place?

The reason you set aside fifteen minutes, cross your legs and focus on your breath is to silence the mind. And the mind is so hard to silence because of the way we operate as a society. We are always trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Why is the mind so busy?

Well, the mind is thrown so many curveballs and obstacles to get through each day. We have to make money in order to survive. And we also need to fit in otherwise we feel like we are being cut out from the tribe.

Do you think our ancestors generations ago would cross their legs each morning and focus on their breath for fifteen minutes? Perhaps. But there is a key difference between then and now.

Our Mobile Phones.

Being able to see what friends and people you don't even know are up to everyday from morning till night has led to this itch in our mind to compare ourselves to others. Do you sleep with your mobile phone on your bedside table? Do you go on your phone as soon as you wake up?

Take a moment to think about what this is really doing to you.

You have no part of your day where you are completely shut off from the outside world. Even if you do go meditate for fifteen minutes, your mind is still going crazy because it has been stimulated from morning till night for years on end.

Try This.

Before you go to bed tonight, put your phone on airplane mode. If you use your phone as an alarm that is fine, just switch your alarm off the following morning and do not turn your phone off airplane mode.

You know how tough this is going to be. Heck, going on your phone first thing in the morning has been second nature to you.

But what you will find from doing this is something special. Now when you wake up you have a golden opportunity to go about your morning without tuning in to the outside noise. This is the clearest your mind will be throughout the entire day. So try to prolong any use of your phone for as long as possible when you wake up.

What this will do for you.

HGoing about your morning routine without your phone is far superior to setting aside fifteen minutes during your chaotic day to focus on the breath.

You do not even need to think. Just do what it is you need to do. Make a juice, go on a morning stroll, do some yoga. Whatever your morning routine entails.

Doing this goes beyond silencing your mind. You will become less attached to your phone, finding yourself doing less aimless scrolling and more focussing on everyday activities with intense presence like when you make a salad.

So in a world where there is an abundance of distraction, forget trying to set aside fifteen minutes in the day to focus on the breath and instead delay switching on into the outside world.


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