How To Wake Up Without An Alarm.

Are you tired (pun intended) of hearing your buzzing alarm go off way too early in the morning? Does it make you grumpy? Having to go to bed knowing that at a time that is far too early, a loud, unapologetic scream will come from your phone, forcing you to get on with the day. I’m sure it gives you an awful start to the day, doesn’t it?

Well my friend, I have the perfect solution for you.

How we used to wake up.
Back in the day, before the modern invention of alarm clocks, we woke up by natural sunlight. Remember that feeling when you are on holiday and of course there is no alarm set and you wake up when light beams into the room? It allows for such a more positive start to the day. See, we have become so used to the screechy alarm as the solution to get up in the morning but some of you have forgotten what it’s like to instead, let light be your friend in the morning.

The solution.
A sunrise alarm clock. Yes, that’s right. An alarm clock where 30 minutes before your ‘alarm’ goes off, it gradually increases in brightness, allowing you to wake up more gently, peacefully and most importantly, refreshed. It is truly a game changer and makes those aggressive morning wake up’s a thing of the past.

Listen, there is no denying that the sunrise alarm clock still makes it possible for you to sleep through it if you are super tired. That being said, if you leave around eight hours before you need to wake up, you should wake up just fine from the gradual onset of light in your bedroom. If you cannot afford to lie in past a certain time, it also has a beautiful noise feature where it can wake you up with the light alongside birds chirping (if thats your vibe).

Well, there you have it. Stop waking up to an aggressive phone alarm and start waking up to a sunlight alarm clock! Such a simple change that’s made a huge difference in my overall energy levels by waking up more refreshed. Do let me know if you give it a try, would love to hear your thoughts on the change in style.


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