How OnlyFans is Destroying Society.

"________ just made an OnlyFans, have you seen it?”

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You have heard it linger around your social media feed. Some of you scroll past it, not bothering to learn about what’s going on. Some of you pay the monthly fee to become a member of the madness.

But what is clear: OnlyFans is becoming mainstream.

The Evolution.

It has become clear that during social media’s evolution into the world, woman had (virtual) control over their male following. A woman posting a photo in a bikini would lead to guys, hiding behind a screen, sending the photo to their friends and do other things we need not discuss in this article. But the glorification of the female body on social media has been apparent for quite some time.

It is only in the past year or so that OnlyFans has seen a huge number of males flock to the platform to see their beloved social media models wear a layer or two less and earn a dollar or two more.

There is no judgement to any female who goes down this path. Who can blame them? Earn a living from showing your body online? It has become a popular path to go down and has been shown huge support from the male audience. Does it not fascinate you that we all know the male and female anatomy and have likely seen what both bodies look like in real life yet many are still happy to pay a monthly fee to see one specific person’s?

The Reality.

Truth is, this is likely going to keep rising. Consequently, it will lead to more men who would rather sit behind a screen than be with woman in real life. Whether they know this or not, the subconscious impact it has on the brain makes it feel as though taking that risk of approaching that girl is not necessary, ‘because I have the pornographic content of all the people I want’.

This article is not to take a dig at any female for having an OnlyFans or any male for supporting an OnlyFans. It is merely to touch base (pun intended) on the shift we have seen over to mainstream pornography and the direction we can see it moving towards in the future.


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