Perfect Day Formula Book Review Craig Ballantyne

So this is a little gem of a book. I came across it from Jason Capital. I mentioned him before because he also introduced me to Psycho Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz.

Craig Ballantyne helped Jason very early on in his entrepreneurial career at an event. Jason always spoke so highly of Craig in his videos so naturally, I explored Craig a decided to read his book.

It is just a 150 page book. But it packs a lot of useful information.

The thing I find when I read these productivity/self improvement style books is that they tend to tell you things you already know but when you read it from a respected figure you are more inclined to implement these things.

So I want to pick out 5 of my favorite of Craig’s 12 rules for living:

  1. Going to bed and waking up at the same time, everyday. Now I will say, from my experience, when I lived with other students in student accommodation, I found it extremely difficult to do this because they don’t understand the power of having a structure and they prefer to just go with the flow.

Since I have been living at home, I have been able to have no distractions. This has allowed me to get into bed at 8:30pm, read for an hour and go to sleep.

I don’t hear loud music, I don’t get a knock on my door asking if I want to watch a movie etc. My family tends to go to bed around 10pm anyway so I am not woken up late at night due to loud noise too.

Then, I am able to wake up consistently at 6am. Every single day. Not only has this trained discipline in me but it also allows me to get the most done. I don’t have days where I wake up super late or super early.

I am consistent and this works for me. I think the consistency part here is what is key. Craig himself goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 4am. If that works for him, great. For me, 10-6 works. we are both getting 8 hours sleep so it doesn’t make a difference.

So this rule has helped me a lot in cultivating that discipline and consistency to do this day in day out and keep a strong structure to winning my day.

  1. Writing first thing in the morning So I really like this one. I like to wake up, have a cold shower, stretch, make a cup of tea and then write. I go by feel and flow when I write but the sessions usually last around 20-30 minutes.

I feel so creative and the worlds just flow in the morning. I also LOVE to write so it is great to incorporate something I love to do. I also feel that doing it sets me up for the day really well and it is like I have ticked something good and productive off the list.

  1. No phone for the morning This has been a game changer for me. I have found that by not having my phone first thing in the morning, it is as though I am in a moving meditation where I am completely shut off from the outside noise. It is so powerful and I know myself, when that phone comes on and you see those notifications, it is as if you get sucked in to the noise.

So having the power to detach from that in the morning is so powerful and it has actually made me less attached to my phone and more conscious of when I feel as though I am getting sucked in. So thank you Craig for this, a true game changer.

  1. Create a to-do list every morning/evening. Again. Wow. Such a simple thing but creates so much clarity and understanding of what is needed to be done today to push me further to where I want to be.

I cannot emphasize the change I saw in myself when I started clearly listing each evening, what I needed to do tomorrow.

And it also instills confidence in you when you see the to-do list and you tick everything off one by one and then make a new one for tomorrow.

It is actually exciting.

So thank you again, for such a simple yet incredibly productive method to win your day.

  1. Having a daily gratitude journal Save the best till last. This is the most powerful thing and it is so accessible to anyone.

You do not need a specific journal for this but just writing out 3 things you are grateful for is incredibly powerful.

It changes your view on what you want to what you already have and I think in a world where we are thrown so many new products and materialistic items, it is so key to be aware of everything you already have.

Instead of look for other things to satisfy you, look at what you already have.

So I bought a cute specific journal for gratitude but I also have and still do it in my own personal journal too.

This is HUGE.

Thank you Craig. So all in all, great book. Packs a lot of useful wisdom in it and it was a very enjoyable read. I would like to thank Craig for the wisdom and I can say with certainty that incorporating the wisdom from these books into my life has made a huge difference.


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