How Perspective Shapes Reality.

As we go through life, we all go through ups and downs.


How we choose to view these ups and downs are all down to ourselves and our perspective.

On New Years Day of 2020, my mum sat me and my brother down and told us she had been diagnosed with cancer. Now. You know that little bubble? That little bubble we tend to live in where everything is rosy and time is forgotten?

Then the bubble bursts.. and we are slapped me back to reality.

Listen. Our time here is scarce, extremely scarce. Being a huge ‘mummy’s boy’ myself, the thoughts that surrounded me after hearing this heart-breaking news were that of blame:

Why is this happening to me??

Even during the toughest of times, we have the option to completely change our perspectives and view things in a positive light. So instead of thinking: why is this happening to me? We can ask:

How is this happening for me?

You see the difference? Subtle, yet powerful. It makes us view things in a completely different light. This is the power of perspective.

Now for me, I began to view this as a second chance. A second chance to not reject spending time with my family to go see friends. A second chance to turn off my phone when having family dinner. A second chance… to be fully present with my mum.

We are being pulled in so many different directions be it: the news, social media, and our friends telling us about that crazy documentary they watched on Netflix (you know the ones).

So if we take a step back:
We can be fully present on the things that really matter

Thankfully, my mum is now cancer free but let me tell you:

I am not going back into living in that bubble

We all go through different, difficult challenges. But our ability to change the lens in which we see those challenges are all in our hands to decide. So do you want to see things in a positive lens or a negative one? Remember, it’s your choice.


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