Fall in Love with the Process.

You hear it all the time.

“How I made ____ a month, hardly working”

It fills the brain with this shallow desire to go out on a rampage, and stuff ourselves with money until it oozes out our eyes and ears. Does this excite you? Go after all the money in the world and look back on the life you lived.

Would it have been a happy life? Or does it appear miserable? That you kept chasing after something that gives you more freedom but in the process of doing so, you gave up all the freedom you had.

So let us discuss the solution.

Fall In Love With The Process.

Take writers for example. You are a writer because you love to write. If you write solely for money, a strong assessment is due on your reason for living.

Ways to earn money are endless and will not be an issue if you fall in love with the process.

There will be days at the start when your return on investment is low. Very low. But you must silence out the money. Remember what you got into this for. You love to write.

The issue new writers have coming into the game is we see those swimming in the deep end and forget that they too wore armbands when first starting out.

So if you have ambitions of reaching the top tier, fall in love with the process.

Reward Yourself For Milestones.

You're on your own journey. It’s easy to compare against others who have already ‘made it’ in your eyes but you must compare yourself to yourself.

Social media makes us subconsciously view ourselves based on others.

The journey to greatness gets lonely. And you will be scratching your head at times wondering if it’s worth the struggle.

So when you reach certain milestones like your tenth post published, hundredth post published etc. Take a step back and celebrate. Jump and shake your body.

Reflect to when first starting out with a dream. Each milestone sends you closer to achieving that dream. And in today’s world, so few of us achieve it.

Visualise The End Goal.

The journey is not easy.

If it were easy, you would see far more people at the top. The reason why so few get there is because it takes time, hard work and consistency. You must show up day in, and day out or you will be left behind.

Visualising how it will all look like when you make it will help carry you through.

Don’t stop at just visualising, how does the air smell? What sounds do you hear? Are you by the beach or in the mountains? Feel all the senses to gain the deepest connection to how it will feel.

Because amongst all the noise, when you know where you are going and you have it dialled in so clearly. You will keep on riding that horse and make your way to the finish line.

Listen, you know what to do. But some of you still won’t do it. Because knowing and doing are two very different things


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