Red Light Therapy.

Ever feel tired? Ever feel deprived of fresh air? Ever wanted to shine a red light on your naked body?

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You and me both. I heard people metaphorically singing online about the health benefits associated with exposing your body to light frequencies between 660 nano meters and 850 nano meters (from research, I believe anything higher than this could penetrate too deep into the skin, but I could be mistaken).

There was only one way to find out if it made a difference. Buy a red light device. Which is exactly what I did — here’s my results.

The experiment.
Well, I first invested in a red light device. Which in itself, is rather expensive. It set me back around £300 but had a 30 day no-hassle return which reassured me of the purchase.

It was a large, heavy unit that covered half the body and weighed around 5kg.

Out in the UK, we are very much light deprived and a sunny day is a rarity for us. The idea of this device ‘mimicking’ the effects of the sun without the damage of UV really intrigued me.

I used it twice a day. First thing in the morning, I would take off my pyjamas and let this red light penetrate deep into my body. It felt like my internal battery was being recharged. Every organ operated more efficiently. I also used it in the evening time when I would start to wind down for the night.

I had heard comments that it allows you to recover faster from exercise and one day, I was blown away by this truth. I had hit a heavy weight session and could feel the DOMS in my shoulder. I targeted my shoulder on the light for around five minutes and the pain had hugely subsided. It was a fascinating experience.

The verdict.

The red light device is definitely something interesting. It is also fairly new to the scene. I ended up returning the device for several different reasons. I did feel a slight difference but as a young adult, I would prefer to wait until I have a house of my own and invest in a far larger sized device. I did not feel as though the device was essential for me and can consequently wait a couple years until I reunite with it.

That being said, I do recommend giving it a go if you struggle with any pain as it could be a great solution in aiding recovery. As with anything in life, if you are curious, try it yourself.


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