How You Can Save The World.

Why can’t we all get along?

Well. If we all read this article then perhaps we would be one step closer. Except most of us let our beliefs dictate our actions. So, for the sake of our human race. Share this article with as many people as you know, so we can save the world together.

We are all human.
Yes. You read that correctly. We are human beings who all have hands, toes, eyes, ears and everything else that comes with it. An issue that seems to get in the way of our humanity is our different beliefs of our origin. We must step back from our beliefs are get back in touch with the sheer reality that we are all human and we can co-exist without having to fight one another for thinking differently to us.

Respect one another.
Respect. Respect is what’s lacking. The truth is, it has been lacking from the start. Has there ever been respect in the world? As history shows, we seem to have always resorted to battle when beliefs differ. Therefore, to unravel the knots we have tied since the dawn of time, we must speak openly with no agenda. Which in todays world, is near impossible.

The misinformation.
We see first hand how quickly social media posts spread. There is no checking behind the original creator of the post. Their affiliation or intentions. Yet it spreads like fire and these seemingly gentle posts, often turn people into having fixed opinions on a topic. They then become rigid in their views, unopened to discussion and then social media displays them more posts that simply reinforce their current view. A vicious cycle.

It’s not that simple. Or is it?
Well. The simple answer is, we all stop attacking one another? Right? When the power only exists with the elite, it no longer falls in the hands of the people to decide what direction we go in. However, taking your anger out on fellow people who have no say on the matter is outright wrong. We get so caught up in what the media shows us that we loose touch from true narrative. We are all on this beautiful planet, all with different beliefs that we can all respect and learn from. Yet if this was the case, there would be no ‘breaking news’, hence why it would never be shown. But to your surprise, this is often the case! There are countless areas where humans of different upbringings with different beliefs all live together without fighting for who is right or wrong.

What’s sad is the decision of the elite, followed by the media’s coverage makes the general population hate specific minorities for actions that they did not choose to do. Ask someone if they would like to kill someone. 99.9% of the time, the answer is no. It is out of our control to determine what someone with the same race/religion/background does to others.

The solution.
Be kind to others and think before you spread information. If you harmlessly repost something that have negative connotations to an entire religion/race/ethnicity, think how others could react. They could form a harmful view based on a post that carries no factual truth. Unfortunately, there are some bad people in the world, but this does not mean we must take our anger out on those who were born in the same bucket as they did.

Judge each person individually and in a world with so much division, be the light that we so desperately need.


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