How to Self Publish a Book

Decide on title.

Then map out what is required from the title.

What do I need to speak about to explain my book?

Let’s say we have 10 things. Label them from 1 – 10. Then with each leg, have around 3 subchapters per chapter.

2000-3000 words per chapter.

Record each chapter (takes around 1.5 hours for entire book).

Transcribe whilst reading it.

Find a ghost writer to polish it all up.

Use or (make sure you use the pro section so they are all legit).

Can also use Facebook and Facebook groups.

Interview ghsotwriters on a zoom to see if they understand me and get them to write out a sample paragraph and see if it is like your writing.

Cost between £200 - £2000.

Once ghostwriter is sorted, focus on the cover.

Can use – I spent $250 for the book cover.

Remember, people do judge a book by its cover.

Once cover is sorted.

You need to format the book. Use the pro section of for this

Be mindful that you want everyone to actually finish your book.

So saying to them if you make a commitment to finish this book and take action on it, it will change your life.

As it is a self-help book.

Remove the fluff and waffle.

Also make it conversational.

Make it so when they read, it feels like you are speaking directly to THEM.

Pay or ask around 4 people on social media to proof read your book.

Let them pick up grammar mistakes etc THEN pay $300 for a professional proof reader.

Then You are READY TO GO.

Go with Amazon. Pay the $150 for 10 ISBN barcodes so I can sell off Amazon and also do audible versions.

KDP publishing house for Amazon.

Do not pre order 100 books as you cannot resell them. Order 5-10.

Sell for $9.99 and you earn around $4.60 per sale.

Amazon handle fees + shipping etc etc.

Don’t ‘sell’ the book.

Talk about results.

When you ask a question in your book, people have to mentally answer.

Put questions on the blurb of your book.

Give them the solution to the problems but now the ‘how to’.

The how to can then be packaged into a course.

Include the psychology behind not taking action etc etc

First chapter – make them know and trust me.

Less is more.

Make a book people can go back to.

Does not have to be a 500 page monster.

Speak from the heart.


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