Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson Book Review

Now I have always been deeply curious about Steve Jobs. After watching the ‘Jobs’ film several years ago, I had my eyes set on his exclusive biography by none other than Walter Isaacson, an incredible writer.

I picked up this 500+ page monster and started to dive in. I could not put it down. I found it so fascinating and drew so much out of it which I am going to be sharing now.

So the first thing I picked up on was Job’s curiosity. Even from a young young age, he seemed to follow his own curiosity and explored this with psychedelic drugs and just not doing what ‘everyone else’ was doing. This clearly carried over to his classes when he decided to attend more classes he was interested in, such as: a calligraphy class.

These curiosities and interests made a huge factor in Apple and how it was shaped. This all came from Job’s following his curiosities and not just doing what he is ‘told to do’ but actually think about what he wants to do.

I can strongly relate to this in my own life.

I have constantly followed the things that intrigue me and I always will because as the saying goes: “A life of oh wells are better than a life of what ifs”

The second thing I picked up on was Job’s relentless action taking. For many, we can think of great ideas but it takes an action taker to follow through with them. Jobs would constantly act on his ideas.

Working tirelessly to not only make them a reality, but to make them perfect.

But let’s forget perfect for second, the fact that he had an idea. Pursued the idea and made it a reality, says a lot about Jobs. It says he was someone who goes out and takes action. From all the success he had in his lifetime, he seemed to just go and go and go.

How I relate to this so much is that I have seen in my journey, how easy it can be to put it all away and take the easy path.

It is hard.

And that is why when I hear the key to success is consistency and hard work, I now fully understand this because there are days when you are scratching your head wondering when it will come. This is why falling in love with the process is so key too.

The third thing I picked up was how Job’s did not have a big circle. He did not care about being friends with everyone and try to impress everyone.

He was himself, and let people similar to him into his life. Of course, personality wise, him and Woz are two very different characters. We saw this when Steve lied to Woz about how much money they were getting paid for a project and Jobs kept the majority of the money to himself and did not own up to Woz.

But we saw that Job’s was not out there partying and trying to make as many people like him as possible. He was doing what he wanted, his way and some people got to join along that ride. The fourth thing I picked up was how much Steve grew from his failures.

This is something really interesting. Steve said the growth he saw in himself when he failed was huge.

In my own life, I view failure as a good thing. Because if I fail, I simply now know one more thing that doesn’t work and I can try something new. I see exactly what he is saying and I think instead of all of us trying to avoid failure, I think we should seek it.

I think overall, there are many aspects of Jobs that I admire and others that I do not. We can all agree that his relentless action taking and constant gravitation towards following his curiosities is something we could all implement into our own life’s and make it better.

However, his self-centeredness and lack of care to others (from what it seems), is not something I respect. I do think Job’s showed me the importance of never stopping doing what you believe in and just have faith that it will all work out.

That being said, I will always show love to those around me and to all of those who help me on my journey so that is for me in my life. But thank you Walter Isaacson and thank you Steve for an incredible, inspiring read about your roller-coaster of a life.


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