Tony Robbins - Giant Within Book Review

This was a monster book. The size, the value, the content.

I had been following Tony Robbins for a while but similarly with David Goggins, I knew to understand the full story and get more wisdom, reading his book was a must.

That is why I feel books are a hidden superpower because Tony Robbins, who is known around the world for emotionally healing hundreds of thousands of people and has retreats costing thousands of pounds. Has devoted his time to write a 500+ page book sharing his wisdom on improving yourself as a human being.

So this book certainly delivered.

In fact, it exceeded expectations.

It had so many actionable steps you can take in order to become a better person. Tony did not hold back. I want to break this down in 4. steps and discuss each one.

Firstly, realizing you want to change. Tony did not actually list this in the three steps he mentions in his book but I think it is something so important that I have seen in my own life as well. Before I started to raise the bar and push myself, I first acknowledged and became aware of the fact that I wanted more.

Now, for different people, this realization comes at different moments in your life. It could be you have an amazing workout and realize you want to run a marathon. Or you are really hungover one morning and realize you no longer want to drink alcohol.

For me. When my mum sat me and my brother down and told us she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, that was my realization. My realization that our time here is so scare and I wholeheartedly want my mum to see me get married, to see me achieve my version of success in this lifetime.

So at that moment, I lost interest in going out and trying to keep up with everyone else. I crafted out my own path that I want to walk down and then this leads perfectly onto step 2, raising your standards.

Step 2, raise your standards. Tony explains that when he decided to change his life, the first thing he did was demanded more of himself. He wrote down all the things he no longer wanted to accept in his life and all the things that he aspired to become. So relating this to me, I was aware I wanted more.

But now, what more do I want? So like Tony, I wrote down and spoke to myself about who I used to be and who I want to be. I was very honest with myself. I did not kid myself and hide anything.

I was 100% open and honest about who I was and who I no longer wanted to be. I believe this was a very exciting moment because I knew it was possible to become a new me. And raising my standards got me closer to that.

Now onto step 3. Step 3, changing your limiting beliefs. So Tony says that if you raise your standards but don’t really believe you can achieve them then you’ve already sabotaged yourself and you will not try. So, I did not immediately decide to wake up at 6am, have a cold shower then meditate for 20 minutes.

I just decided to start waking up every morning at 7am. I believed that I could do that and I did it. Doing this instilled confidence in me and belief in myself that if I say I am going to do something, I will do it.

So that was how I began to believe in myself and change my limiting beliefs, by taking small actionable steps that I was convinced I could do. Step 4, changing your strategy. This is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.

Constantly, reprogramming to improve my efficiency and what I need to do in that moment of time. Tony shares a beautiful quote, “you see, in life, lots of people KNOW what to do, but few people actually do what they KNOW”.

I used to be a talker and not a do’er. I would say how I am going to achieve x,y and z yet I would not be taking any action.

I would watch tv, and have no structure yet just hope that this dream life I want would fall right in front of me. Well, guess what? It never did! And it never will. We need to go after our dreams and make them happen for ourselves.

Nobody else is going to do it for us. So that’s why with everything I know now, I take action on and I am simultaneously learning more and more. When I learn more and more I change my strategy. Same end goal. Different strategy.

This constant reprogramming is what allows me to stay fresh and sharp and most importantly, aligned with my end goal.

I really enjoyed this book and want to highlight the fact that this simple 4 step process is what I implemented into my life and radically changed it for the better.

It is not a mind blowing step by step guide.

It is what is needed in order to maximize our potentials.

So thank you Tony for making this but I will also credit myself for taking the action. As Tony said: “you see, in life, lots of people KNOW what to do, but few people actually do what they KNOW”


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