Is University Worth It In 2022?

You have a decision to make. Take up a job and work for the rest of your life. Or extend your responsibility-free life by heading out to University for another three years. When it’s said like that, the latter sounds far more appealing. But has Covid tarnished what was formerly known as a valuable experience before entering the adult world?

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Do you still need a degree?


In the modern day, unless you want to be a very specific profession then you would do just fine in the real world without a degree. Just look around, people write articles on Medium and are able to make a living.

People release ten second videos of them dancing on TikTok and make a living. The opportunities that are out there are immense so if you are contemplating to go obtain a degree in order to make money, then think again. Money is out there online in abundance, you just have to learn how to earn it.

Covid’s Impact.

Usually, you head out to University and stay in student accommodation in the first year with hundreds of other first year students. It is an important talking point to discuss Covid’s potential effect on this experience.

If you all have to wear masks, this would undoubtedly interfere with the interactions you will have with making new friends. It would make for a far stranger experience that may call for a different approach.

Going to the same university as your current friends and sharing a house together for three years.

Hear me out.

This would not mean you cannot still make new friends. However, given the scope of the world from Covid, it would reduce the risk of heading out to a University where you do not know anyone and consequently struggle to meet your tribe due to the masks and safety requirements in place.

Sure, going to a University where you do not know anyone will force you to grow. But going out your comfort zone can be done regardless of the environment you are in. Though we often struggle to do so when we have that extra bit of support to fall back on.

Should you go?


Why would you not want to create more meaningful memories in your life while you are still young, wild and free? Sure, student loans vary in different areas of the world so if these three years would financially knock you to the ground, then consider saving up some money and just travel the world for a year.

The message is that going right into a safe job that will trap you in this blanket of comfort is something that can be put off for a little while longer. So before you chose to do it, enjoy yourself and live a little.

Listen, whether you start working at eighteen or twenty-one in the grand scheme of things holds little difference but those three years could see you grow exponentially. Would you go to University now?


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